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portant Bail Bonds Questions Answered

When you’re arrested, getting out of jail fast is important. Everyone knows the best way to get out of jail is with the help of a bail bondsmen. But, if you’ve never faced criminal charges in the area before, the bonding process may be unfamiliar to you. Read below to learn five Q&A that can minimize the stress you experience when dealing with allegheny county jail bail bonds.

1.  What Information is Needed to Use a Bondman Service?

Before calling a bondsman, gather the information needed to bail someone out of jail. This includes their full name, the jail in which they’re in custody, their DOC number, if it is available, a driver’s license or photo identification, and the amount of the bail.

2.  How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

Bondsmen make a loan of sorts with the courts, allowing you to pay just 10% of the court-ordered bond amount. A small bondsman fee is also added to the total bond amount, although the costs are still considerably less than the original bond the judge places on the criminal charges.

3.  Can Anyone Sign a Bond?

Anyone willing to pay the bail amount and sign the bond can certainly bail you out of jail. Some people assume only family can make the bond. This is inaccurate information.

4.  When Can I Call a Bondsman?

allegheny county jail bail bonds

Bondsmen offer service when it is needed. They’re available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Weekends and holidays, the bail bondsman is still just one call away.

5.  Do I Get My Money Back?

Bail bonds are non-refundable under any circumstances if a bail bondsman is used. Even if the individual is re-arrested or their bond revoked, you are not entitled to receive any of the funds back that were paid towards a bond.