Injured on the Job? Need an Attorney?

On-the-job injuries cost companies millions of dollars every single year. The accidents also turn lives upside down as those who are injured cannot return to work and face a host of obstacles and challenges as result. If you’re one of the unfortunate people who has sustained an on-the-job injury, you may need to speak to a work related injury lawyer hillsboro or.

Workers compensation insurance coverage is offered to all employees who work for an organization employing 13 or more people. Whether you are responsible for the accident or negligence has caused the problem, workers compensation benefits should cover medical bills, lost wages, etc. But, sometimes it does not and sometimes the money offered just isn’t enough to cover the massive damages that you’ve endured.

Workers comp claims are denied for many reasons. It is frustrating when your claim is denied since you only want what is right. But, it is also common. Perhaps you failed to complete the paperwork in a timely manner or maybe it is a lack of medical evidence that has caused the denial. Usually a lawyer can help you file an appeal in the case once he understands the cause for denial. Most appeals that a lawyer handles are won, so it is worth consulting with an attorney to learn more.

work related injury lawyer hillsboro or

Lawyers don’t charge a penny to discuss your case in detail with you. Schedule the consultation to discuss your injuries and the attorney can help you decide the next steps to take to maximize your award and mitigate your damages. If you choose to hire an attorney to take the matter to court, you won’t pay any upfront money since they work on contingency basis and get paid only when you win your case.