We live in a world where there are advancements made in every single field. One such field is medicine. Medicine field has numerous changes every year or decade with superior methods to solve people’s health problems. Fertility is one aspect of health that people today are facing lots of problems and are willing to use advanced medical methods to solve their problem. From surrogacy to IVF pregnancy there is a growth is every fertility treatment these days and has led to newer trends in this treatment.

By the end of this article, you will know the new trends that are forming and how couples are using high-tech medicinal methods to increase their fertility. Before we go into the trends let us look at what you need to know about fertility treatment.

Fertility treatments

There are certain things to know about fertility treatments and one must be prepared for anything if they are getting a treatment for fertility. Some of the things you need to know are the following.

  • Be prepared for anything- Fertility treatments are not always successful and even if it is successful there are many things you should be ready for which you did not expect. There can be side effects of the treatment during pregnancy, it might not be one child, and it can get tough.


  • Time-consuming- In some cases, the process might be fast and in some slow. One must have patience in the process and know everything will go well. During this treatment, if there are no successful results you might have to take the treatment second time around which will make the process even longer.


  • Age- After a certain age, the human body just does not have the strength and capacity to reproduce children. Hence, older people should keep in mind that the changes of their fertility treatment can be bleak.


  • Price and success rate- The cost of fertility treatments are high and sometimes by the end of the treatment, you will see additional costs that are added. This makes this entire process a costly one so be prepared to spend a lot. One more thing to keep in mind is that often success rates of treatments are hyped and not true. Have the treatment with an open mind and be positive.

New trends  

Today the medical field is so advanced that even older couples are having children. In addition to this, people with fewer chances are also having children thanks to the new trends in the treatments. Here are some of the new trends that are coming up in fertility treatments.

  • Genetic screening- With IVF treatments so common today numerous people are having children through this method. This method has its share of complications and these complications now have solutions. One such solution of solving IVF complications is through genetic screening. Genetic screening is done to detect any abnormalities in the embryo before it is implanted. This will reduce risks in pregnancy and can overcome miscarriage and DNA related problems.


  • Egg freezing- Freezing eggs as fertility treatment is there for a while now and freezing eggs at a young age will help you get pregnant when you are older. This is old news the new trend is that egg freezing is done even more carefully now so that the egg remains fertile even after many years.  New techniques prevent the cells from losing its structure and help the egg have its original structure.


  • Less trouble- Fertility treatment is a long process where one goes through hormonal changes in order to become pregnant. These hormonal changes are made through hormone injections that women take. These injections cause side effects and make women go through so much trouble. A new method where less dosage of injections is given that helps women get pregnant faster with lesser hormonal injections. This method is called the in vitro maturation, which is a less troublesome method.


  • Older pregnant women- With so much of advancements in the fertility treatment older women above the age 40 are now having kids. Through IVF, IVM and egg freezing older women have more chances of getting pregnant. Another method that is womb transplant is coming up where women can get a fertile womb from a donor so that pregnancy is possible.

Summing up

Through this article, you can have a deeper understanding of the various fertility treatments that are coming up. You also need to know many things about fertility treatments so before you consider going through such treatments make sure you have all the knowledge.

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